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12 Channel ECG Machine V/S Other Types of ECG Machines


An electrocardiogram machine is used to monitor cardiac rhythms by placing different sensors of electrodes on the body that measure the heart's electrical impulses. ECG machine detects irregular cardiac rhythms and any sign of blocked arteries in the heart. Many ECG machines are available in the market, each with different features and price ranges. The accuracy of diagnosis depends mainly on the type of ECG machine being used, as some machines can only determine the irregularity of heart rate. In contrast, some devices detect complex heart conditions.

Channels on ECG and EKG machines

The electrodes placed on different locations of the body display the heart's electrical activity as channels on the ECG printout. Each channel display differential voltages between electrodes. A combination of various electrodes presents more channels. Channels are generally termed "Leads." The number of channels or leads for the ECG machine varies from 1 to 22. Each lead transfers information to the machine, creating a graph depicting the cardiac signals. These signals and graphs determine cardiac abnormalities or heart diseases.

Types of ECG or EKG machines

The two basic types of ECG machines include:

  • Single-lead/ single channel

This ECG or EKG device measures the cardiac electrical impulse using one amplifier channel.

  • Multi-lead/ multi-channel

The number of multi-lead ECG machines includes 3/6/12 channels with various amplifier channels measuring heart activity from different angles. A maximum number of leads or channels displays more accurate results.

12-channel simultaneous ECG machines

The most standard electrocardiogram machine measuring the heart's electrical activity is 12 channel simultaneous ECG machine. 12L ECG device usually consists of 10 electrodes attached to the chest or limbs of the body to measure heart activity from different angles. These electrodes exhibit heart activity simultaneously in 12 separate channels graphically. In comparison, another method is placing a single electrode in different positions to derive the cardiac activity from mathematical formulas and calculations. This method is substandard as 12 channel simultaneous ECG machines overtake all the other alternatives. In case you haven't yet visited the Wellnest website, you must. They have advanced 12 channel ECG machines with multiple features.

12L ECG machines v/s other types of ECG machines

12 channel ECG machines are masking all other types of ECG machines considering the fact that they have advanced features and accuracy. These machines are widely used in some hospital settings and for personal use. The features to keep in mind before buying any ECG machine are as follows.

1. Portable ECG machine

Some ECG machines are non-portable, making it difficult to operate in a particular place. With new advancements, portable machines are being used widely as it is easier to manage and handle both in hospital settings and at home. The Wellnest’s 12 channel machine is portable with countless features. What's better than having a portable ECG machine for home use giving accurate results?

2. Precision

The most crucial factor to be considered before buying any cardiac monitor machine is to check the accuracy of results. 12 channel ECG machines display cardiac rhythms more precisely than single channel, 3 channel or 6 channel ECG machines. The graphical depiction of electrical signals from the heart from 12 different channels can also determine the type of cardiac condition or disease. Wellnest’s 12L ECG machine has a 500 Hz responsive rate which measures the heart's electrical impulses smoothly and is precisely equivalent to hospital machines.

3. Easy to use

Most ECG machines are challenging to operate and only the expert medical staff can perform the test. Wellnest’s 12 channel ECG machines are designed and developed with convenient features, which makes them the best among all other types of ECG machines. The cardiac monitor operated with a single button and has a Bluetooth feature, making it easy to connect with the printing machine.

4. Efficiency

We all know efficient machines have more demand than other types of devices. Single channeled ECG devices require more time to provide results with suboptimal accuracy. Wellness's 12L ECG machines take less than 2 minutes to record the ECG reports and are generated automatically and simultaneously in front of a patient.

5. Less time consuming

Some ECG machines operate by first putting gel on the electrodes and placing it in different locations of the body. At the same time, some devices require multiple captures for accuracy. The new advancements have made this process easy. Wellnest's 12L ECG machine is developed in the form of a belt with an LED feedback mechanism that measures cardiac activity without putting extra effort in placing electrodes and recapturing rhythms for accuracy.


Keeping in mind all the features and required results, one must choose 12 channel ECG machine over other types of ECG machines. To purchase a high-quality 12L ECG machine with advanced features, visit the Wellnest website to view its unique 12L ECG machines. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Wellnest's advanced and most precise 12 channel ECG machine.

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