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Why Should You Use Portable ECG Machine At Your Clinic, Hospital, Or Diagnostic Center?

What is an ECG machine?

An ECG test is recommended for people who have symptoms such as chest pain, irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia, abnormal breathing patterns, etc. It is also carried out to evaluate the condition of the heart before and after some surgical procedures and to see how certain heart medications are working. Often, people with a panic attack are recommended an ECG test because the symptoms are similar.

Contrary to what many people assume, electricity is not sent into the body during an ECG test. Rather, the electrical activity of the heart is recorded through electrodes. A graph containing information about the heart's activity is printed out which is then interpreted by a healthcare professional.

The advancements in medical technologies have made things more manageable than before. Now portable ECG machines are available that can be used anywhere, anytime, regardless of location. Here are some advantages of having a portable ECG machine.


Portable ECG machines are small, so they take up very little space. If you struggle with space in your clinic, hospital, or diagnostic center, it is convenient to have a portable ECG machine. Investing in high-quality portable ECG devices will allow you to perform the test with the same precision and simplicity as a traditional one while occupying little to no space in the room.


Portable ECG machines are very lightweight and hence easy to transport. Whether you are a patient at home or a doctor at a clinic, portable ECG machines are convenient and useful. Sometimes there are critical patients in some wards who cannot be moved from their place as the moving activity involves risk to the patient’s health. When such patients are required to be tested, they cannot be brought to the machines, and machines must be taken to them. That is why it is essential to have at least one portable ECG machine at your hospital, diagnostic center, or clinic. It can be easily transported to the patient since it is not bulky or heavy at all.

Bed-side or at-home use

Portable ECG machines are also highly beneficial for people who suffer from heart conditions. These ECG devices are small, lightweight, easy to use, and easy to transport. Their handiness makes it ideal for use at home. If you have a history of heart attack, have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, or have other health conditions, then your healthcare professional will most probably suggest to keep monitoring your heart activity.

Since portable ECG machines are very simple to use, they are convenient for observing your heart activity while you perform your daily activities. It will allow the doctors to see how your heart is doing on a day-to-day basis, and any abnormal activity can easily be detected. This way, timely medical assistance can be provided in case of a medical emergency. Some heart problems are intermittent, and long-term observation is required to detect them. That’s why having a portable ECG machine for home is so important.

Are portable ECG machines accurate?

Portable ECG machines are quite accurate, but they are not a replacement for traditional ECG machines. While they are more convenient and simpler to use, a conventional ECG test should also be carried out once in a while. A portable ECG machine's main purpose is to provide information about the heart's long-term activity and detect abnormalities in case of a medical emergency. It is also mandatory for patients who cannot be moved from their place. To ensure more precision, stay still and make sure the skin is dry and clean.


Portable ECG machines are a great long-term investment. When you decide to buy ECG machine, there are some factors to consider. Look for a machine that can produce optimal, accurate results. Precision and reliability should be the main criterion for choosing the machine. Also, look for a device with a good memory to store your readings. Some other factors to consider for ECG devices are battery life, cost-effectiveness, and connectivity.

Wellnest 12L is one of the top-rated portable 12-channel ECG machine, which is 99.99% equivalent to GE ECG machine. Wellnest aims to simplify healthcare and make medical care a right rather than a privilege. Weighing only 320 gm and having a recording speed of 12.5, 25, 50 mm/sec, it comes with a 1 year hardware warranty. Considering all the factors, Wellnest provides a reliable ECG machine with great value for money.

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