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Wellnest Reporting

ECG Reporting at the tip of your fingers. Whenever you need, Wherever you need.

Provide 24x7 cardiac care to your patients with Wellnest Reporting 

With Wellnest Reporting, you have access to real doctors for quick ECG reporting- whether you need the support frequently or seldom. You do not need any special signup to avail the service; it is available directly on the App.

  • At the click of a Button

  • Uncompared Convenience

Need ECG reporting support every time? Realized your doctor is not available to report the ECG right away? Want a second opinion? Whatever your requirement, our doctors are available to support you directly from the App. Say goodbye to unclear photos and WhatsApp messages. Simply click on “Send for Reporting” and then choose “Wellnest Reporting” directly from the App. Get your ECG reporting right away with no additional effort!

  • Real Clinical Feedback

  • High Accuracy

Automated ECG interpretation alone may lead to inaccurate feedback, sometimes endangering lives or leading to unnecessary expenses and thus they must always be coupled with interpretation from an actual clinician. Our experienced team of doctors ensure that your patients receive the highest quality of care.


Pay-as-you-go or Subscribe, Exceptional Flexibility

We understand that every provider has unique needs: you may be relying on us fully for your ECG reporting requirement, may never need ECG support from us at all or may fall somewhere in between. You do not need to subscribe, although subscribing will provide better prices, to access support from our doctors—you have complete flexibility and can choose a plan that makes most sense for you.

Choose the plan that’s right for you

With the Wellnest Reporting, patients can receive the Cardiologist Certified ECG reports within 10 minutes.

Instant, Certified ECG reporting 24x7
On Mobile Report with Wellnest App
Uncompared Convenience
Real Clinical Feedback
High Accuracy
Exceptionally Flexible
No. of ECG Reported
₹ 129/ ECG
5 ECG/ Month
₹ 495/ Month
10 ECG/ Month
₹ 990/ Month
20 ECG/ Month
₹ 1780/ Month
Most Popular
35 ECG/ Month
₹ 3115/ Month
50 ECG/ Month
₹ 4450/ Month
75 ECG/ Month
₹ 6675/ Month
100 ECG/ Month
₹ 8900/ Month

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