Simplifying Healthcare

Quality healthcare should never be a privilege. That's why Wellnest is dedicated to breaking down barriers and providing accessible medical care to everyone. We prioritize preventive measures to ensure the well-being of all individuals.

Building Trust , Delivering Results

At the core of our values is your trust! We are committed to delivering top-notch solutions and continuously striving for perfection.

Pioneering MedTech solutions, Made in India

Proudly created, engineered and manufactured in India by experts from IITKanpur/ IIMAhmedabad, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, UT Arlington & National Institute of Design.

Our core values

The values that drive everything we do

Patient Centricity

We prioritize patients by focusing on personalized care and providing tailored, quality health solutions. We ensure that every decision is made with their best interests at heart.

Constant Innovation

We continually seek breakthroughs, improving our technology and practices to offer cutting-edge healthcare solutions that revolutionize the way communities manage their health.


We foster an inclusive environment where teamwork drives results. By uniting diverse talents and expertise, we create stronger solutions that holistically address healthcare needs.

Data Integrity

We uphold strict standards for data security, accuracy, and transparency, ensuring the highest level of reliability in our health monitoring solutions.


By providing accessible information and tools, we empower healthcare professionals and patients to take proactive control of their health.


In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, we embrace change and are flexible in responding to new challenges, adjusting our approach to better meet patient needs.

our People

Introducing the Wellnest crew working for your well-being

Get to know the dedicated individuals who power Wellnest's mission. Our team brings together diverse skills and a shared commitment. We're constantly learning and growing, striving to create innovative solutions for your well-being.

Think you’d be a good addition to our team?

Explore Wellnest’s open roles
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Think you’d be a good addition to our team?

Explore Wellnest’s open roles
View Careers