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  • What is the difference between the two product variations of 12L? Which one is the right choice for me?
    The wellnest 12L- Standard includes the Wellnest ECG machine, cable set, and accessories. The wellnest 12L- Combo includes the wellnest 12L Standard system and an ECG belt. Both variants include a free mobile app as well as 24x7 doctor support. Your choice should depend on your budget, frequency of use, and the level of technician training. If the Combo variant fits within your budget, our users have found that the addition of ECG belt improves efficiency, customer experience and reduces consumables' costs in the longer term.
  • I am a medical provider but I do not know how to capture and/or read an ECG. Can I still benefit from the wellnest 12L system?
    Absolutely. The wellnest 12L ECG system has been designed for all providers to be able to deliver excellent cardiac services. Learning how to capture an ECG is a cakewalk, especially if you use our ECG belt, plus there are plenty of training videos for you to refer to. As for the part about reporting an ECG, Wellnest's team of trained doctors are at your service 24x7.
  • I am/have a cardiac patient at home but I am not a medical professional or provider. Can I still buy it for my personal care?
    You may, but please note that this device has been designed for providers and not tailored for non-medicos. If you are interested in an at-home, personal care solution, please subscribe here. We may soon have a solution for you too.
  • I already have a working ECG device, but this looks interesting. How can I benefit from your solution?"
    The wellnest 12L is portable, medical-grade, and significantly more convenient than any existing ECG solution. We recommend that you try us out; you won't look back. If you are worried about your investment, contact us and we may be able to help you out with an exchange offer.
  • Do I have to mandatorily get ECGs reported from the wellnest team? Can I get them reported by my friend or colleague?
    Absolutely, Wellnest's services are available on standby if you need them and are fully optional. You can integrate reporting doctors into your ecosystem easily and create a seamless experience for the technician, reporting doctor, and patient. In situations when you don't have a reporting doctor available, you can rely on us.
  • Do I have to buy a subscription to avail of the 24x7 ECG services? If so, how much does it cost?"
    No. As of now, users of the wellnest 12L device do not need a subscription to avail of the 24x7 ECG services. For reference, we levy a charge of INR 129 per ECG for reporting services.
  • Is there a subscription for cloud storage?
    No, we offer unlimited cloud storage when you buy any variant of the wellnest 12L.
  • I am interested but would like a demo of your product. How do I request one?
    To provide a high-quality solution that is also affordable, Wellnest aims too keep its costs low by eliminating non-essential costs; according to us, an in-person demo is one of them. If you are worried about our quality, you can refer to our doctor testimonials and clinical validation certifications. If you are concerned about the user experience, you can refer to our training videos here. Still not convinced? We are so confident in our product that we offer a 14-day return window. Order now here.
  • What happens once I order the device?
    Our team will contact you or your organization to get information about your doctor(s) and ECG technician(s) (like ward boys, nurses, etc.). We will create their profiles on the backend so they don't have to waste any time to deliver excellent cardiac services.
  • How do I share the report with my patient?
    You can print out the pre-filled ECG report from the app or share it via WhatsApp. The patient will also be notified on their phone number with a PDF attachment of their report.

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