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The LED light is not working

This issue may occur when
The electrode is not making proper contact with the skin (ensure the contact is adequate).
The device has been dropped.
The light is dim or not lighting up at all.

I am unable to print using the purchased thermal printer

This issue may occur if:
The thermal printer is not charged and is showing a red light.
Bluetooth is not enabled on the phone.
Bluetooth is connected to another device.

The device is not turning on

This may occur due to low battery please charge the device

What is the difference between the two product variations of 12L? Which one is the right choice for me?

The wellnest 12L- Standard includes the Wellnest ECG machine, cable set, and accessories. The wellnest 12L- Combo includes the wellnest 12L Standard system and an ECG belt. Both variants include a free mobile app as well as 24x7 doctor support. Your choice should depend on your budget, frequency of use, and the level of technician training. If the Combo variant fits within your budget, our users have found that the addition of ECG belt improves efficiency, customer experience and reduces consumables' costs in the longer term.

How do I sign up in the app?

To Sign up into our app you simply first need to

1) Click on "Sign Up"
2) Enter "Unique Identifier Number".
3) Click the Next and Select your profile type between doctor/technician.
4) Please fill in the required details. Once done, you're good to go.
For further information contact us.

How do I log in into the app?

To login into our app you simply first need to
1) Click on the Login
2) Enter your registerd mobile number
3) OTP will be sent to you on Mobile & Email
5) Enter the OTP

I am unable to pair the device

This issue might arise if the Bluetooth connection is not established, or if the phone's Bluetooth is already connected to another device.
1) Diconnect the device ( Turn off and switch on again )
2) Close the app and restart
3) Please keep in mind if having an Android phone the location is to be turned on too
4) Once the device name is been displayed click on the Pair button

The ECG recording or the graph is not visible

This issue may occur when
1) If the belt or the clamps are not connected to the body
2) If the spray on the belt or gel on the clamps is not applied properly
3) Check if the ECG cable connector has been conneted properly
4) Check the connection of the grounding electrode

How do i get the ECG reported?

The 12L application facilitates reporting by you or your partner doctors. Additionally, you can opt-in for Nestcare, an optional reporting service provided by Wellnest's certified doctors, available for a nominal fee.

I am a medical provider but I do not know how to capture and/or read an ECG. Can I still benefit from the wellnest 12L system?

Absolutely. The wellnest 12L ECG system has been designed for all providers to be able to deliver excellent cardiac services. Learning how to capture an ECG is a cakewalk, especially if you use our ECG belt, plus there are plenty of training videos for you to refer to. As for the part about reporting an ECG, Wellnest's team of trained doctors are at your service 24x7.

How do I share the report with my patient?

You can print out the pre-filled ECG report from the app or share it via WhatsApp. The patient will also be notified on their phone number with a PDF attachment of their report.

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